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  • Hello my name is Jack, and I would like to help in any room, I am capable of being on any day any time, I don't jump to conclusions and I will resove matters quickly, I choose what is right, and I will not abuse the admin hope to here from ye soon.
    Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow
    my username is Jack Sparrow
    Hi Jack,
    I got bannedfor no reason it says that i was sending links from other sites which i wasnt. Can you please unband me?
    Hello I would Like to become a mod. My location is U.S.A, SC. My time zone is America/New York. I have no other usernames. The main reason that i want to become a mod is to make sure people are following the rules. a few hours. I'm available every day every hour. the rooms i use the most are lesbian, rp, and fight. The people who know me in the chat rooms are: XxWølfpupxX, DEAD_.
    I would like to be a flirt room mod I am seen as a role model in that chat room and i can just keep things in order if i was a mod I'm on for about 4 hours of the day and 4 hours of the night my account name is orange fatigue I wont use my permissions in a bad way and I wont over use them unless it completely neccessary I am hoping that you will see this and I am looking forward to working with you in the future
    I would like to become a mod i take full responsibility of my job as a role model in the teen chat room. Im 16 years old
    Orange fatigue
    Orange fatigue
    I would like to be a flirt room mod I am seen as a role model in that chat room and i can just keep things in order if i was a mod
    I would like to be a mod because I wanna put things in order and help others I’m mix and from California USA and I’m willing to do what I can
    i would like to become a mod because how to keep things in order I would also like to keep the chat safe and fun and i am in the usa new mexico im in Mountain Daylight Time
    Hey can I be a mod in teen chat I would make the chat clean and fun I stay in teen chat for 2 hours I have only one account in teen chat and I am not bad person I would not misuse my power I will listen to cases or problem so I can help the users and the VIPs my name in teen room is markdj
    Could I apply for being a mod in this chat room. I wanna know how it feels to be one of the mod since nobody minds me in Teen Chat and i wanna be got to see if anyone would respect a mod just for once. Some users dont respect mods as if they dont care about what they say. Thank you!
    I was wondering if maybe I could get my position back... I was a site mod before we were hacked... my username before was MeLoN lOrD but I think that account got deleted in the mess.... I was/am a good mod and I spend maybe 4ish hours or so a day in teen room I understand if I have to start from the bottom up again
    I’m 14 ( 15 in Sept) and live in New Mexico
    14, Dubai, UAE, 27 July 2020, 8:24 PM, I have never been a moderator, llyrose111, I want to maintain the rooms in check if there is any disruption and take the necessity actions if needed. And I'm up for the responsibility I'm applying for. I know what Im supposed to do and will do it everyday
    Im available most of the day,10 hours, Quiz room, a lot of people know who i am.
    I am 17, live in Florida, EST zone, i've modded the Avenue chat back in early 2019 as Corvus. I have only extensively used my Numb account for Allotalk's Teen chat. my IP will be disclosed in a pm.It is my wish to stop those who troll, spam, or otherwise cause harm to other otherwise good users who are just here to have fun.i joined in October of 2019. i mostly use to the Main Chat. A lot of people who i am.
    15, Missouri, no experience, I have my main account Lil_Lia05 and my old account crazymangolife, I want to be a mod because i'm good at reinforcing rules I also spend a lot of time in the Teen Room and could maintain keeping up with things, I'm available all the time- unless i am with family/friends, I'm mainly in Teen room , i go by Lia, i know to Jake aka Yall Cute, idontknowmane
    My age is 15, My location Is schenectady,I have not been a mod before, Nora Rose, My aunts, My reason is because I am very good I love people and won't be bad with mod, 2 hours,My dates are this month and next month, The rooms are teen chat, Nora, Wolf pup
    Wanna be mod for game or music room just here to help people out in a way they feel wanted and loved just wanna show that people care and I'm willing to give my best im on 9am to 10pm so hoping to get a spot
    I am willinh to be a mod and determined to do my job very well, I have already posted my application and I hope it will be accepted, thank you for your time.
    Hi my name is Daniel I am willing to be a admin because I know how a site should be managed and I feel like I would be good a good fit for a admin. Plus I am always on allotalk 24/7. My time zone is EST .
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