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  • I am 17, live in Florida, EST zone, i've modded the Avenue chat back in early 2019 as Corvus. I have only extensively used my Numb account for Allotalk's Teen chat. my IP will be disclosed in a pm.It is my wish to stop those who troll, spam, or otherwise cause harm to other otherwise good users who are just here to have fun.i joined in October of 2019. i mostly use to the Main Chat. A lot of people who i am.
    15, Missouri, no experience, I have my main account Lil_Lia05 and my old account crazymangolife, I want to be a mod because i'm good at reinforcing rules I also spend a lot of time in the Teen Room and could maintain keeping up with things, I'm available all the time- unless i am with family/friends, I'm mainly in Teen room , i go by Lia, i know to Jake aka Yall Cute, idontknowmane
    My age is 15, My location Is schenectady,I have not been a mod before, Nora Rose, My aunts, My reason is because I am very good I love people and won't be bad with mod, 2 hours,My dates are this month and next month, The rooms are teen chat, Nora, Wolf pup
    Wanna be mod for game or music room just here to help people out in a way they feel wanted and loved just wanna show that people care and I'm willing to give my best im on 9am to 10pm so hoping to get a spot
    I am willinh to be a mod and determined to do my job very well, I have already posted my application and I hope it will be accepted, thank you for your time.
    Hi my name is Daniel I am willing to be a admin because I know how a site should be managed and I feel like I would be good a good fit for a admin. Plus I am always on allotalk 24/7. My time zone is EST .
    Hi , i am Zahir, i have been user of this site since August 2019, but i changed my account 2 months ago.

    I want to apply for mod, and i will work for betterment of this site, thats my promise if i get chance,thanks. Waiting for response...
    -Allotalk frequent user-
    Hi.i am Nejla and i'm so willing to be a mod and i like to apply for it and i bet my job in this case is awesome. Thank you
    Hey I have already posted my application request in the feedback section. Plz do look it when you have time and I hope the reasons satisfy you. I hope you will give a response soon.
    Hi! My name is Joshua and I'm currently working as a security officer, I'm hereby applying as a mod for singles room I'm 23 I'm very hard working young man seeking to improve and make single room more better.
    So where should i put all my info do i send it as a chat or gmail?
    Send a PM to chat admins , read this page if you want to be a mod
    My World
    My World
    Hi Max636
    please see Allo Talk post and send those details to
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