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    Ip banned....

    Try again and let me know.
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    October 2020 Update

    As part of our efforts to improve your experience we have updated our chat rooms! If you have any question or any problem using our chatrooms do not hesitate to contact us we will gladly assist you with that. hope you will enjoy our chat rooms. AlloTalk team
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    I got banned by a hacker?

    You got banned by system for advertising another chat site.
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    Admin- Scarlemagne/Adrian Magne Demotion

    Please respect the site owners and chat admins and any decisions they make, especially when they tell you to modify your behavior. Do not argue with their decisions as doing so is likely to result in a quick end to the conversation and you being demoted or banned. This thread is closed. Thank you.
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    Forum question.

    They need to verify their email to make a post.
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    Can I refund vip

    Refund Policy - We can only grant refunds to people who mistakenly donate multiple times - You will not receive a refund if you break our rules and receive a ban from the chat rooms - We cannot give refunds to people who decide not to use AlloTalk anymore, or who have VIP status.
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    It will probably be added in the next update but i can't promise.
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    A message to anyone who knew me or has some time to spare reading this

    You were banned by system for advertising another chat site. You are now unbanned. have fun
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    Pm reports

    This feature has been implemented and you will see it in the next update soon.
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    i need help with vip

    Please just let me know her username and your paypal transaction id in PM.
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    Any changes coming soon?

    The update is coming soon..
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    An idea

    They can use the music room then.
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    Banned when I wasn't even online in teen chat

    Your IP was banned, if it is a Wi-Fi connection maybe someone else has been using the same IP before and got banned. try again now.
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    Im struggleing to find something

    The state of Oklahoma is in the central time zone . Go to "Options -- Language / Location" on your profile and set your timezone to "North Dakota / Central Time Zone" .
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    YouTube Feature!

    The YouTube video search issue is fixed now, our VIP members can now search YouTube videos and post them to the chat as before and also they can share and display the direct YouTube video links in the chat . Have fun