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  1. Minty-

    Appeal Concerns

    Hi! I am Skyle, or Minty. In the past few days to weeks, some Moderators, including myself, have been seeing spam in forums, PMs, and a lot more such as their profile. Please do NOT spam the appeal section with multiple threads, moderator’s PMs about them unbanning you, and continuing to spam...
  2. Minty-

    Profile Borders & Colors

    I’d like to suggest something a bit different than regular themes or fonts or even font colors. I think profile colors / profile borders would be a good idea. A few people I’ve talked to have said they’d absolutely love to see this added into the site. Profile borders is a gradient or glowing...
  3. Minty-

    New Themes

    Similar to T_Ray’s thread, , I’d like to see some new themes added to the site instead of the standard black, gray & white themes. I believe users would also love themes like maroon, night-purple, dark blue, crescent rose, and more...
  4. Minty-


    Hiya! I’m Skyzair, or Sky for short. I am not exactly “new” to Allo, but i am the new Room Admin for the Gay Teen Room. I’d like to welcome myself to you guys and everyone else new to this forum/site. I am a 16 year old male, my PMs are always open and I check through the forum once or twice a...
  5. Minty-

    Gay Teen Room Restrictions

    Hi! I am Skyzair. I believe the Gay Teen Chat should have a restriction that automatically kicks anyone with their bio-gender set to Female from the room. Countless times a female has come there, complained they can be there if they want and annoy everyone and no moderators would be online...