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  1. Minty-


    Your old account was banned for going into the gay room MULTIPLE times knowing you aren’t allowed there. You’re not being unbanned.
  2. Minty-


    Hi, sorry. Mistype. You were being sexual. Not being unbanned.
  3. Minty-


    I was watching the chat; do not lie: You will not be unbanned.
  4. Minty-

    Banned on circumstances that were not my fault.

    I have proof of you with them in the chat and joking with them, please stop making threads. You will not be unbanned.
  5. Minty-

    My gf got banned by accident

    She used racial slurs as an insult to users. She will not be unbanned.
  6. Minty-

    Banned on circumstances I couldn't control.

    Please don’t lie again. You willingly let them into your account and joked with them, and had absolutely no problem with it nor tried to get them out until you got banned.
  7. Minty-


    We don’t save PMs, however you did indeed send sexual messages. You will not be unbanned.
  8. Minty-

    Idk why I'm banned

    Hi, sorry. you were banned for being sexual and sending inappropriate messages to users. You will not be unbanned.
  9. Minty-


    I’ve told you numerous times to stop making threads and that you wouldn’t be unbanned. Stop making them.
  10. Minty-

    my banned account

    You don’t have a sexual convo and then “accidentally” type “u make me horny”. You’re not being unbanned.
  11. Minty-

    banned for "sexual pfp"

    It is indeed sexual and is a hentai character: Youre not being unbanned: You also don’t need a warning:
  12. Minty-

    Unban Request and Explanination

    Your bio and behavior is inappropriate; you also changed your gender various times. That isn’t a misclick. You’re not being unbanned.
  13. Minty-


    You had a sexual pfp, not being unbanned.
  14. Minty-


    You’re right; you’re not being unbanned. The image is even on a hentai site itself; it is against the rules. Have a good day.
  15. Minty-

    hey could i get unbanned plz

    You had hentai as your pfp, definitely not being unbanned.
  16. Minty-

    teen chat banned

    They were banned by @Princess_liyyyaaa
  17. Minty-

    teen chat banned

    I cant find anyone with that specific username.
  18. Minty-

    teen chat banned

    What was your friends username?
  19. Minty-

    Inappropriate Modding

    Yes, I’m closing it now. Don’t make another post like this, thanks.
  20. Minty-

    Inappropriate Modding

    Why are you blaming me for saraas ban exactly?? I’m not even the one who banned them, so you have NO reason to be yelling at me for that. I NEVER said anything about punishments being the same. If you want to talk about their situation without even knowing what it’s about, you need to expect...