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  1. AlloTalk

    October 2020 Update

    As part of our efforts to improve your experience we have updated our chat rooms! If you have any question or any problem using our chatrooms do not hesitate to contact us we will gladly assist you with that. hope you will enjoy our chat rooms. AlloTalk team
  2. AlloTalk

    YouTube Feature!

    The YouTube video search issue is fixed now, our VIP members can now search YouTube videos and post them to the chat as before and also they can share and display the direct YouTube video links in the chat . Have fun
  3. AlloTalk

    Want to be a mod???

    Want to be a chat room or forum moderator? We get hundreds of requests every day from people wanting to become a moderator. But don’t let that put you off applying to become one. To do so, please follow the instructions below: Things you should know before you apply • Please supply all the...