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Would you like to be a moderator of one of our chat rooms or forums? Well...its not so easy as we receive hundreds of requests per day. If you feel you have what it takes please follow the rules below:

Important notes to all before applying:
** You must include the following information in your application or it is not valid!
** Sending an application does not guarantee you will be made a mod.
** ALL mod & admin positions are voluntary; you will receive no compensation for being a mod.

Time Zone
Previous rooms/forums on this site you've modded (if any)
Other names you've used on this site
your i.p.
Why would you want to be a mod
Number of hours you are in the room
Which hours/schedule would you be modding
Which rooms do you use the most and nicknames used
Who knows you in the chat(s)



All chat moderator requests MUST be done with the Administrator of the chat you would like to moderate in. Please click the appropriate name below.

AlloTalk = Stranger Chat Admin

AlloTalk = Singles Chat Admin

ArwenEvenstar or My World or kaylasanxious = Teen Chat Admin

It is advisable that you give a reason why you feel you should mod a particular room. Also, if you are not able to handle abuse from other users, than it is best not to apply. Moderators need to be thick skinned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look below at the last post to see which admin are accepting applications/hiring and which are not.


All forum moderator requests MUST be done with
Keep your eyes open in Suggestions comments and Feedback. When I'm hiring I will make a thread in that forum.

Any requests sent elsewhere will be ignored.

**If you are a moderator/owner/admin at another site you will not be hired here.**
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