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Want to be a chat room or forum moderator?

We get hundreds of requests every day from people wanting to become a moderator. But don’t let that put you off applying to become one. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

Things you should know before you apply

• Please supply all the information requested, otherwise your application will not be valid
• Applying for a moderator role is no guarantee you will get one. We receive lots of applications every day and unfortunately, there isn’t scope for everyone to be a moderator
• Any administrative or moderator roles you apply for are undertaken on a voluntary basis. There’s no payment or compensation for being a mod
• You will need to give reasons explaining why you think you would be suited to becoming a mod for the chat room you’re applying for
• Moderators can be subject to abuse from other users. So if you can’t handle that sort of thing, it’s best not to apply
• The final post below shows which chat room administrators are accepting applications from wannabe mods
• Please do not apply to be a moderator if you are a moderator/administrator/owner of another site, as you will not be hired

Information you need to supply when you apply:

Your age:
Your location:
Your time zone:
Your experience—list any rooms or forums you’ve modded on this site before:
Other usernames have you had on this site:
Your I.P.
Your reasons for wanting to become a mod:
Number of hours you spend in the room you want to mod:
Hours/dates/times you’re available to mod:
The rooms you use most:
The nicknames you use most:
The people who know you in the chat rooms:

Who to apply to

Any applications to become a chat room moderator must be done with the Administrator of the chat room you want to mod. Please click on the relevant name below and start a conversation with them:

ALLOTALK – Stranger Chat Admin
ALLOTALK – Singles Chat Admin
ALLOTALK – Teen Chat Admin

Forum Moderator Requests

• All forum moderator requests should be carried out by AlloTalk
• Most forum moderator opportunities will be listed on forums in suggestions, comments, or feedback, so keep a close watch on them
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