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Want to be a chat room or forum moderator?

We get hundreds of requests every day from people wanting to become a moderator. But don’t let that put you off applying to become one. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

Things you should know before you apply

• Please supply all the information requested, otherwise your application will not be valid
• Applying for a moderator role is no guarantee you will get one. We receive lots of applications every day and unfortunately, there isn’t scope for everyone to be a moderator
• Any administrative or moderator roles you apply for are undertaken on a voluntary basis. There’s no payment or compensation for being a mod
• You will need to give reasons explaining why you think you would be suited to becoming a mod for the chat room you’re applying for
• Moderators can be subject to abuse from other users. So if you can’t handle that sort of thing, it’s best not to apply
• The final post below shows which chat room administrators are accepting applications from wannabe mods
• Please do not apply to be a moderator if you are a moderator/administrator/owner of another site, as you will not be hired

Information you need to supply when you apply:

Your age:
Your location:
Your time zone:
Your experience—list any rooms or forums you’ve modded on this site before:
Other usernames have you had on this site:
Your I.P.
Your reasons for wanting to become a mod:
Number of hours you spend in the room you want to mod:
Hours/dates/times you’re available to mod:
The rooms you use most:
The nicknames you use most:
The people who know you in the chat rooms:

Who to apply to

Any applications to become a chat room moderator must be done with the Administrator of the chat room you want to mod. Please click on the relevant name below and start a conversation with them:

ALLOTALK – Stranger Chat Admin
ALLOTALK – Singles Chat Admin
Møønchîld , TheLittleRookie , Joshyyy – Teen Chat Admin

Forum Moderator Requests

• All forum moderator requests should be carried out by AlloTalk
• Most forum moderator opportunities will be listed on forums in suggestions, comments, or feedback, so keep a close watch on them
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Some new requirements have been added for users wanting to be a mod. These include:
  • Must be 15 years of age or older
  • Your acc MUST be 3 months old (even if you have been here for 3+ months and recently made a new acc)
  • Your acc/email must be verified
  • No one else should have access to your acc. This means no password/email sharing.
  • If you were a mod who was demoted do to being hacked, you will not be able to be promoted again.
Thank you guys for your patience through all of this and please do not get upset if we don't respond right away. We will try to respond as quickly as possible. Also we are still currently accepting mod applications. If you have applied already, remember it sometimes takes us awhile to promote a new mod. We often see your application and come back to it later. Please continue to be patient with us. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me or one of the other admin.
Thanks everyone!
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Hello users once again,
So ROOM MOD applications are now open once again. We will not be taking any applications for site mods as you have to go through a trial period of being a room mod. Along with that, please note that we are not planning on adding anymore site mods for some time so you will have to be patient with us. Applications can be sent to Joshyyy or møønchîld, or both if you would like. Please note the new requirements listed above. Also if you list a mod as someone who knows you in the chat- please talk to them first as we will be talking to them if you are chosen. Thank you and good luck-
Pacey and Josh
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