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What exactly made admins and moderators different in chat? Like responsibility wise?
No, them being power hungry (or as in my situation) Believing an accusation of a person but not talking to the person about the clarification. so yea C: fml
I thought it would be nice to do some great quotes everyday so I hope you like the idea X3

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okay so apparently my og mod application was removed, so let me try again- My username is PizzaLord, I'm 18, from Virginia, I don't know my i.p., and I want to be a mod because I want to make Singles' chat great again. Pizza Lord is my main username, and I've never been banned. If this still isn't enough info, lemme know.
no only lilmamabrownskin
I want to make everyone feel comfortable and since there are some pervs I could stop them from texting our little teens and if they are being rude or making someone feel uncomfortable I will be there to fix it an stop it from happening
I am mostly in the chat all day
Teen chat
Trouble T,

Face reveal because, why not? Also, I know the image quality is HORRIBLE but I'm still trying to figure out how to get an image URL. Soon, I'll post a better picture of myself. Have a good day/night. 💛✨