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I want to say Please don't Spam Threads in Forums. Post one Thread about what it is you want to say. It makes it easier on Moderators to do their Jobs.
Mmm- I love how i was banned but when other people send sexual shit they don't get banned yall are annoyin-
For real though. I got banned for an arguement that I didn't start but ended it-
I'm bout to just give up on life
Hi this is Room Admin from Lesbian Teen. I do understand that You felt as if you didn't do anything wrong. But Saying this is wrong. And we Honestly and Personally we don't allow any Harmful Comments even if it's about yourself or About Someone else.
was also banned bcoz of a stupid reason someone told that i a m lying my age they are telling that i am 17 but i am 14 plz see
it that i get unbanned bcoz i have done nothing plz i have many good friends there I love that app
plz unbanned me I am not lying my age
plz unbann me i am not lying my age
i look like a older guy so what can i do for that
I feel like I shouldn't have been banned the night I was banned I was sleeping I haven't even gone on my account that day and I wake up the next morning and I'm banned I have no clue why